TCU Assists Students to Get Ready for the Workplace; Invites Industry Mentoring Program Students to Visit ASUS

During the winter break, ASUS Foundation CEO Sandy Wei and Perfo Technology Enterprises Co. Ltd. CEO Chia-She Chang, who are TCU’s industry mentors, invited students who participate in Industry Mentoring Program to visit ASUS. The students were inspired by how the business leaders faced global competition, and guided their corporations, by building their own brands and initiating innovative measures. The students also learned that corporate culture and core values do affect its hiring decision, and as a result, they had better ideas regarding how to prepare themselves for the workplace.

Students have cherished this opportunity from the beginning, and ASUS provided a splendid program for them. This visit started with Ace Chen’s introduction to ASUS. He used many stories and videos to present ASUS’s philosophy and how it puts its philosophy into managing a company. ASUS engages in charitable activities vigorously. Ace also shared how they have expanded their loving and caring deeds in Taiwan and overseas. The students enjoyed Ace’s presentation; furthermore, they learned how to pronounce “ASUS” correctly. Ace reminded them to equip themselves with a positive attitude, necessary skills and knowledge for the workplace, while they are still in college. The right attitude is very important for anyone, and a corporation also places this high in making its employment decisions.

Some students visited ASUS’s new product development team. They learned that every product must meet a high quality standard and pass a series of tests, such as temperature, humidity, seismic resistance, pressure resistance, etc. They were amazed that ASUS keeps updating its process to gather enormous data. The students had never thought laptop computers would go through such a lengthy process before they were sent from the factories to consumers around the world.

Cheng-Jun Lin is a Molecular Biology and Human Genetics sophomore. He never thought a corporation would set such a high quality standard for its products. From this visit, he has realized the importance of quality. Hsiao-Chun Lin is a TCU faculty member and she often uses ASUS as an example to share green manufacturing with her students. She wished that students would learn how a corporation operates its business and how its corporate culture affects operations.

Before the Q&A session, Chia-Shu Chang invited the students to ask themselves several questions, such as about what they heard or what they learned. Chia-Shu Chang pointed out that while listening to the presentation, we could make efforts to learn something from the speaker. Right before the students ended their visit, Sandy Wei encouraged them to learn with enthusiasm and always write down what they have learned. She also invited them to participate in an ASUS sponsored internship program entitled “Campus CEO,” to enhance their skills and knowledge. She also opened her arms to welcome them to join ASUS.

A Communication Studies sophomore named An-Ting You was impressed that Ace Chen presented his topics gracefully and smoothly. Communication Studies might not have anything to be with laptop computer manufacturing, but she learned from Ace Chen that, as long as we have open minds, we can initiate our own multidisciplinary learning. Chia-Shu Chang said to the students that they have witnessed how diligently ASUS staff work, they can start cultivating their own work ethics while they are still in college.