TCU Keeps Coronavirus Away from its Campuses, and Pays Close Attention to What is Ongoing

TCU has contacted eleven Mainland Chinese students and they are all in good physical health. TCU has kept them posted about the protective measures Taiwan’s government have implemented, recently, and reminded them to take good care of themselves. For the well-being its faculty members, staff and students, TCU has been carrying out needed measures, step-by-step to keep Coronavirus disease (Covid-19) away from its campuses. Furthermore, to convey accurate information to the public about the disease, the University has invited several faculty members to publish articles and produce videos in the days ahead.

To deal with the Coronavirus challenge, TCU is facing it with sincere piety. Before the Lunar New Year holidays, the University made an announcement reminding its members to take good care of themselves. During the holidays, from January 23 to January 29, the University’s administrators, at all levels, carried on Internet discussions about necessary measures. On January 27, TCU sent out another reminder to its members about ways of protecting oneself and living in a healthy way. On the morning of January 28, President Ingrid Y. Liu called another meeting, to ensure that all measures to protect the two campuses would be in place before January 30, when faculty members and staff would come back to work.

The University has complied with mandates of the National Health Command Center (NHCC) to set up strategies and formulate the necessary actions. The University’s Communicable Disease Control Team is responsible for formulating these actions. To fight against Coronavirus, the University will welcome its Mainland Chinese students to return to TCU, once the NHCC lifts its ban, and will require that they live separately from other students for fourteen days. Moreover, TCU will provide thirty rooms on the same floor of University housing, which will be sufficient to accommodate one student per room. To protect other students, the University will also send meals to each room. For those who are unable to return to the University on time, due to the ban imposed by the NHCC, TCU has come up with some measures to ensure that their right to education will never be affected.

January 30 wasn’t the first day of classes, yet on this day, Vice President Jui-Hung Yen presided over a meeting of the Campus Safety and Emergency Response to Coronavirus, going over every necessary measure, and ensuring that all were in place. As a result, the University has placed alcohol hand sanitizers at its entrances and near elevators; moreover, the colleagues also reminded those who have coughs or sneeze to wear masks, stay away from others temporarily, and take good care of themselves.