TCU Gets Well Prepared for the First Day of Classes

TCU had its first day of classes on February 25, 2020. To welcome students back and protect their wellbeing, TCU’s Disease Control Team met on February 19 to ensure that protective measures for students were in place, by going over them one-by-one. Moreover, the University cleaned and disinfected the outdoor environment, and asked its faculty members and staff to help disinfect classroom desks, chairs and doors, to make sure that everyone’s wellbeing will be well protected.

The University has more than 300 students coming from overseas. Before these students returned to Hualien, the Office of International Affairs reminded them to avoid making transfer flights through Hong Kong’s or Macau’s airport. After they came back to Hualien, the University asked them to disclose their recent travels. Those who have stayed overseas within the last 14 days must wash their hands frequently, take their body temperature daily, reduce their daily activities, wear face masks, and ask for medical attention right away right if they have coughs, sneezing, or shortness of breath, etcetera, for 14 days, starting from the day of their arrival in Taiwan.

The University asks everyone to wash their hands often with soap and water and has set up many hand-washing stands throughout its campuses. The University has also set up thirty body temperature monitoring stations and prepared many face masks and hand sanitizers.

The University has looked into the possibility that someone might be infected with COVID-19 and set up procedures to prevent its spread. In March, many attendees will come to TCU to take exams related to their graduate programs, and the spread of COVID-19 might get worse around the world, thus the University has come up with necessary SOPs, such as setting up more temperature monitoring stations, asking each member to input their daily body temperature online, requesting they report any illnesses, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe, and establishing other required measures.

The University recommends that everyone carry out personal preventive actions to protect themselves; moreover, it has frequently cleaned and disinfected all outdoor and indoor areas, especially touchable objects and surfaces in classrooms, common areas and inside the shuttle bus.

President Ingrid Y. Liu and vice president Jui-Hung Yen are leading the University to face this challenge and we need to do our best to follow its procedures and take needed actions. Hopefully, everyone will be safe and healthy to pass this test.