TCU Ranks as the World’s 124th Most Sustainable University in 2020 UI Greenmetric University Rankings

The “UI Green Metric” ranking hosted by the Integrated Laboratory and Research Center of Universitas Indonesia announced the 2020 world rankings on December 7, 2020. TCU won the 124th place among 912 universities from 85 countries, and 12th place among the 26 domestic universities in Taiwan. There were 132 more universities participating in the ranking in 2020 than in 2019. TCU won the 200th place when it started participation in 2017.

The “UI Green Metric” ranking was started by Universitas Indonesia in 2010, with the participation of 95 universities from 35 countries. The purpose of the ranking is to promote environmental protection and sustainable development. The ranking items include: infrastructure, energy and climate change response and management, waste treatment, water resources management, transportation, environment, sustainable development education, etc.

Environmental protection has always been an important task of all the Tzu Chi Organization and its members around the world, including Tzu Chi University, which is an essential part of the organization. Environmental protection has always been a core in the University’s development, with “Environmental Protection and Sustainable Campus” listed as the tasks of highest priority. It is also the center of educational objectives for our students to develop professional knowledge and a humanistic spirit of environmental protection. Since the founding of the University, the principle of environmental, protection particularly that of green architecture, has been observed in hardware and software development. In more recent years, substantial investment has been made in pollution prevention and energy resource management systems, in pursuit of balanced development of energy conservation and University development.

In terms of education, TCU has 11% of its total course offerings related to the theme of environmental sustainability, and conducts an average of more than 200 environmental education events each year. The University has organizations such as the “Green University Promotion Steering Committee”, “Toxic Chemical Substance Operation Management Committee”, and the “Committee on Energy Conservation Promotion” to build consensus among office heads, in the formulation of environmental protection policies and regulations to be observed by the faculty and students. The principles of exclusive vegetarianism, and that of banning disposable tableware are strictly observed. Through cooperation of all the faculty and students, the current rate of waste recycling is nearly 60%.

The many years effort of TCU, in promoting and exercising environmental protection and sustainable development, has been recognized by all. Many awards of distinction have been received from various organizations. The “Outstanding Achievement in Environmental Protection” and the “National Sustainability Development Award” are but two of them. The higher ranking achieved in “UI Green Metric” this year, is another achievement signifying TCU’s continuous efforts to develop environmental protection policies and sustainable education. TCU will observe the government policy of renewable energy development and cooperate with private industries for further planning. A project for the lease of building roofs for solar photovoltaic systems is expected to be completed by next year. This, as a part of the effort, and the university’s social society, will enhance the school’s renewable energy performance, and further contribute to Taiwan’s energy transformation into an era of green energy.