Tzu Chi University is Among the Top Eight of The Student Recruitment Campaign of 2019 in Asia

The Times Higher Education (THE) in the United Kingdom set up “THE Awards Asia,” in 2019, to provide an international platform to recognize outstanding universities, for their leadership and performance, and the diversity and exceptional achievements of Asian higher education. This year the Tzu Chi University participated in the competition for the first time and it was listed among the top eight in Asia.

THE Awards Asia bestowed ten awards: Leadership and Management Team of the Year; Excellence and Innovation in the Arts; and International Strategy of the Year; Outstanding Support for Students; Student Recruitment Campaign of the Year; Teaching and Learning Strategy of the Year; Technological or Digital Innovation of the Year; Workplace of the Year; The DataPoints Improved Performance Award; and the DataPoints Social Impact Award. The first eight awards are open for applications.

Times Higher Education announced its 2021 short list on June 2. Tzu Chi University was one of the top eight of the Student Recruitment Campaign of the Year in Asia, for its student recruitments during the Covid-19 crisis. COVID-19 has spread around the world since 2020, but Taiwan was relatively safe, and the University seized this opportunity. In addition to leading faculty members, staff, and students to visit domestic high schools and participate in university fairs, it also welcomed high school students to visit our campuses when the epidemic was stable. Moreover, the University shared what we have done for faculty members and students through the Internet and social media.

In terms of international admissions, due to COVID-19, the University’s Office of International Affairs organized student volunteers comprising students from six countries to introduce Tzu Chi University through social media, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, in ten languages. Moreover, to attend to the needs of children living overseas, the Office of International Affairs has worked with the Chinese Language Center to invite domestic and international students, to teach Chinese online to refugee students at the El Menahil Syria School in Turkey and high school students in the Philippines.

Times Higher Education Chief Knowledge Officer Phil Baty said that a record number of applications from more than 200 universities were received this year. Universities faced this global health and economic crisis and demonstrated their extraordinary innovations and creativity.

The winners of the 2021 THE Awards Asia will be announced on December 15, 2021. The University stated that being on the short list is an affirmation of the school. Regardless of whether it is awarded or not, the University will continue to uphold its original intention of preparing students to become professionals and managing the school earnestly and diligently.