Tzu Chi University Students Express Gratitude to Silent Mentors for Their Altruistic Love

“The encounter with my Silent Mentor is an exceptional experience. For me, this is a teacher-student relationship that transcends life. Thank you, my Silent Mentor!” On September 25, 2021, Tzu Chi University held a ceremony to commence the Fall Semester’s Silent Mentor Program. Students of the School of Medicine and Post-Baccalaureate Chinese Medicine introduced each Silent Mentor’s story and expressed their gratitude to the Silent Mentor’s family.

Lying on anatomy tables were twelve Silent Mentors from all walks of life. They gave of themselves with altruism to enable students to explore the human body’s mysteries and help enhance the students’ skills, knowledge, and compassion.

Director of the School of Medicine Shin-Yuan Chen said the gross anatomy class is the most realistic and challenging one for our students. Students must take this class to know what the meaning of practicing medicine is. Director Chen wished everyone would treasure this opportunity to learn and live up to the Silent Mentors’ expectations.

Most of the University’s classes have been conducted online. Faculty members and students of this course have complied with the strict epidemic prevention measures. Except for those associated with the Silent Mentor Program, others are disallowed to enter the Medical Simulation Building. Moreover, students of each group can never exceed five. The lab also installed three exhaust fans, provided face masks, gloves, etc., to the participants. The opening ceremony was conducted online and the Silent Mentors’ families and students participated from four connected locations.

Chairperson of the Department of Anatomy Guo-Fang Tseng pointed out that the course in gross anatomy requires students to learn firsthand. Every human body is different, so students need to locate the organs and tissues and realize the mysteries of the human body from their efforts.

“Thanks to our Silent Mentors for leaving the legacy of love to us, so that we can learn from them,” said Si-Wei Chen, a student in the Department of Medicine. She believes that gross anatomy is the basis of Western medicine, so she will learn as much as possible from her Silent Mentor, in every class. Since her freshman year, Ting-Yun Chen had been looking forward to this class, and she is very grateful that the Silent Mentor will help enhance her medical skills and knowledge. Yun-Ru Zhan said: “The Silent Mentors will lead us to learn the mysteries of the human body with silence, yet sincerity.”

To the students, these Silent Mentors are very special, and for Silent Mentors’ families, this was when their loved ones had fulfilled their wishes. Silent Mentor Ching-Yuan Chu’s wife said to him “Your wish is finally fulfilled.” Teacher Chu had volunteered at Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital and Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital, caring for patients who suffered from illnesses, so he decided to give of himself after passing, to enable students to learn from him, and expected them to become humane physicians.

“My sister has been cared for by others and now she can give something back to society.” said Silent Mentor Yueh-Chin Lee’s younger brother Yao-Huei Lee. Yueh-Chin had a fever soon after birth which affected her brain development. She was cared for by her mother and siblings at home and later stayed at Tainan Education and Nursing Institution. The family felt pleased for Yueh-Chin to become a Silent Mentor.

Teacher’s Day was coming, and the students said “Happy Teacher’s Day” to the 12 Silent Mentors who will guide them for the entire semester.