Tzu Chi University Alumni Return for Hualien Reunion

How long has it been since you came back to Hualien? How long have you not seen your classmates and professors since you graduated? On October 16, 2021, Tzu Chi University sponsored an alumni reunion. About thirty alumni returned to Hualien from around Taiwan.

Tzu Chi University was founded in 1994. Tzu Chi University Alumni Association president Dr. Chun-Ming Chang said that the Tzu Chi Medical Foundation’s Annual Meeting was held in Hualien on September 15-17. Therefore, he wished that the Alumni Association could sponsor a reunion during the conference period. In addition to returning to the University, Dr. Chang invited alumni to visit Jing Si Abode and have a warm discussion with Dharma Master Cheng Yen, who founded Tzu Chi University. Many of them had not been to the Abode for twenty years, and they could see differences. However, Dharma Master Cheng Yen’s kindness and compassion, and that of other Masters at the Abode, have remained unchanged.

Tzu Chi University President Ingrid Liu felt quite happy to meet former students she had not seen for many years. She wished that their children would pursue studies at Tzu Chi University, and they would continue to support the University with their hearty donations. The University is very proud of its alumni, who have devoted themselves to their careers, are dedicated to the needs of society, and benefited all living beings.

Many people accompanied the alumni back to Jing Si Abode to meet Dharma Master Cheng Yen. They were Tzu Chi Foundation Deputy CEO Pi-Yu Lin, Tzu Chi Medical Foundation CEO Chin-Lon Lin, Tzu Chi Medical Foundation Deputy CEO Hann-Chorng Kuo, Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital Superintendent Shinn-Zong Lin, Tzu Chi Education Foundation CEO Pen-Jung Wang, former University President Jyu-Hsiung Fang, Tzu Chi University President Ingrid Liu, Tzu Chi University Chief Secretary Kun-Yi Ho, TCU’s Dean of the College of Medicine Tsung-Ying Chen, TCU’s Deputy Dean of the College of Medicine Kun-Ruey Shieh, the first director of the University’s Master Program in Nursing Yann-Fen Chao, and several members of Tzu-Cheng & Yi-Te Association.

Tzu Chi Education Foundation CEO Pen-Jung Wang stated that when he came to Tzu Chi University more than 20 years ago, as a member of the Tzu-Cheng & Yi-Te Association, he was about the age of the alumni. He looks forward to seeing our alumni revisit the University campus and return to Jing Si Abode every year. Former University President Professor Jyu-Hsiung Fang said that the performance of our alumni has been recognized highly by the public, which has delighted our faculty very much. Professor Fang’s biggest wish is that the performance of our alumni exceeds his own. No matter how hard he has worked, it was worth it, and he has never felt regret for devoting himself to education.

The first director of the University’s Master Program in Nursing, Yann-Fen Chao, said that she learned to cherish every encounter and face everything willingly, while working at Tzu Chi, and carries things out accordingly. Tzu Chi University students are blessed, and they need to pass their love around. Faculty members help equip students with skills, knowledge, and compassion, by their examples. After completing their studies, students must do their best to apply what they have learned to attend to the needs of others.

Dr. En-Ting Chang graduated from the School of Medicine in 2001. He had felt disappointed when he came here more than 20 years ago. After realizing that Dharma Master Cheng Yen and the College had prepared everything well for them, considering that the 18-year-old students had come here alone, the College invited Tzu-Cheng dads and Yi-Te moms to be with them, which gave him most unforgettable memories.

Wen-Sheng Chi, graduated from the Department of Public Health in 1998, currently works in the University’s Medical Simulation Center and has settled down in Hualien. It was his childhood dream to become a teacher, and now he helps Silent Mentors fulfill their last wishes to become our students’ teachers. He is happy to contribute to medical education and no matter what he faces, he is more than willing to make an effort.

Yu-Min Xiao graduated from the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Biotechnology in 1998. He learned many things at Tzu Chi, such as team spirit, which had a significant impact on his life, and he also realized that whatever he did, he must do his best. Living far from home helped enhance his courage to face everything he encountered. Yu-Min also shared that lab medicine and biotechnology are associated with medicine, lab work, and technology. In appearance, he works with every specimen, but actually, he provides services to meet everyone’s needs.

Professor Ru-Ping Lee joined the Master’s Program in Nursing right after it was founded in 1994. She had eight peers, and they completed their studies earlier than other students did. These eight were taken good care of by the University, did not fall short of Dharma Master Cheng Yen’s expectations, and have continued to dedicate themselves to nursing work.

Yi-Te mom Shu-Chen Lin stated that Tzu-Cheng dads and Yi-Te moms have regarded the University’s students as their children. They guide students with Tzu Chi’s humanistic culture, sharing their life experiences and accompanying and caring for them. Tzu-Cheng dads and Yi-Te moms are like gardeners; they take care of every plant, from seedling to fully grown, with loving care. Her students have completed their studies and served the public. These dads and moms have built bonds with their students, and this connection continues after the students complete their studies. The love is beyond any words to describe, and it is incredible.

Dharma Master Cheng Yen shared that after Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital opened to the public in 1986, she founded the College of Medicine in 1994 to prepare students to become professionals in medicine, nursing, and other fields. So far, the University has more than 10,000 alumni. At Tzu Chi, there is only gratitude. An appreciative mindset enhances our kindness and compassion; the University members’ grateful attitude will help the University move forward. “We believe in everyone’s loving care, so the public will support us as long as we do the right things. We also believe in our selfless love, since we have low material desires, so we are willing to do anything to attend to the needs of others.” Dharma Master Cheng Yen reminded us never to underestimate our potential, and so long as we make continuous efforts, we will eventually reach the goals.

Tzu Chi University may be quite different from what it was more than twenty years ago, but the core value of people-orientation is still the same. Education is a century project. Seeing that alumni have made the best use of their potential in various fields, faculty members and Tzu-Cheng dads and Yi-Te moms feel very pleased. Indeed, our alumni have achieved Dharma Master Cheng Yen’s educational goals.