Tzu Chi University Receives a Silver Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award for its Efforts in Sustainable Development.

The Taiwan Academy of Corporate Sustainability bestows Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) every year. It awards outstanding Taiwanese institutions and foreign institutions operating in Taiwan for their contributions to sustainability. The Academy announced the 14th TCSA on October 30, 2021. Tzu Chi University won a silver award, demonstrating that the public recognizes its endeavors.

This year, 329 institutions applied for the TCSA, an increase of 31% from 2020 and a record high. In 2021, the applicants included 29 universities, 14 hospitals, and 14 government agencies.

The University published its first Campus Sustainability Report in May 2021. The report follows guidelines set up by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and links with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Tzu Chi University has upheld Tzu Chi’s educational principles, namely humanistic culture, Great Love, gratitude, respect, and loving care, to establish a fine university tradition in learning, teaching, and community services. The public has affirmed its educational outcomes.

The University has been carrying out its sustainable practices for years. It communicates with stakeholders on school governance, strategic objectives and results of its operation, and endeavors in teaching, research, social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and caring for faculty members and staff. It has set its current development goals of TCU 3.0 GPS-globalization and localization, people-orientation, and sustainable development, to move toward sustainable development goals.

TCU has received numerous awards, such as the Excellent School Award in Service-Learning, the Character Education School Award, the Feature School Award for Life Education, the Excellent School Award on Anti-Drug Campaign, Award for Accompanying International Students, the Executive Yuan’s National Sustainable Development Award, etc.

In 2019, the University was the 9th best private University in Taiwan in the Global Views Monthly’s University Rankings. It was 67th in Times Higher Education University Impact Rankings 2019 and attained first place in Taiwan.

In 2021, TCU was the first place awardee in Taiwan for SDG 1: No Poverty, and; 32nd in the world, and 2nd in Taiwan for SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being. These are indeed the results of providing high-quality education since its inception in 1994.

Environmental protection has been a focus of the University. Every year, it decides on several programs associated with environmental protection and sustainable campus and then carries them out. Moreover, it prepares students with loving care for the environment and carrying on in daily living.

Since 1994, the University has implemented green building and environmental protection-related ideas to construct its facilities and buildings. Responding to ecological changes and its developmental needs, it has installed pollution prevention facilities and placed energy management equipment in place, striving to balance the needs of environmental protection and energy-saving with its development.

With regard to caring for the community, the University has been carrying out service-learning programs since 2008. The goal is to enhance students’ humanistic and civic service spirit, encourage students to apply what they have learned to attend to communities’ needs and work with local communities to build a better future.

In addition, the University works with local communities through USR projects to prepare students and inspire faculty members and utilize government and industry resources, to enhance the industrial innovation and cultural development of communities. One USR project is associated with local organic farmers and consumers. The goal is to coexist, collaborate, and go forward with local communities. To reach this goal, the University has come up with three approaches:

  • Promote a cooperative economy.
  • Provide Tzu Chi University’s PGS certification.
  • Implement green marketing and sustainable tourism.
  • Faculty members and students work with local communities, understand their needs, and help solve their problems.

This report provides evidence of Tzu Chi University’s efforts in implementing sustainable practices, and also includes its commitment and plans for the future. It will continue to share what it has done with stakeholders through more diverse channels. The University looks forward to sponsoring more programs to enhance the awareness of sustainable development for faculty members and students, fulfill its social responsibilities, and work for sustainability.