Great Love and Greater Good Education Uninterrupted, Tzu Chi University welcomes Ukrainian students to study

Tzu Chi University has been committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal SDG4 quality education, and is deeply saddened Ukraine’s young generation’s higher education was interrupted due to the war. Therefore, Tzu Chi University plans to provide more assistance to the young Ukrainian students who have to stop their study during the war, so that they can successfully complete their higher education. Tzu Chi University plan to provide tuition fees, accommodation fees, stipends and other student aid programs.

Tzu Chi University welcomes applications from Ukrainian citizens with bachelor’s and post-graduate status. In addition to the general admission channels for foreign students, TCU takes into consideration for the current situation and will accept them as visiting students to study for credits at the university. Afterwards, they can follow the formal application for the degree programs in the future. Tzu Chi University is actively seeking assistance from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for ways to accept the students.

Tzu Chi University has been assisting the vulnerable population with another similar project. Since 2021, Center for General Education at Tzu Chi University created “Language Exchange and Partner Service Learning for International Refugee Students”, a series of refugee education courses was established. Refugee students from El Menahil Syria school in Turkey could exchange and learn English and Chinese with Tzu Chi University students through online communication. Professors from different fields guided them in different fields, hoping to help refugees pursue their dreams.

If any Ukrainian student wants to know more or is interested in studying at Tzu Chi University, please contact us on social media. Tzu Chi University welcomes all the refuge students to join our big family! May love and peace be with the people of Ukraine!