Versatile & Magical Mexical

On the Friday of October 14th, the International College held its ‘International College Reunion’. The International College had managed to arrange for Mr. Martin Torres, head of Mexico Office in Taiwan to be in attendance; giving the college a talk by the title ‘Versatile & Magical Mexical’ – introducing of the geography, history, heritage sites, ecology, aboriginal cultures and mesmerising sights of Mexico. Mexico considered a world-class tourist destination only behind the likes of France and Italy. People from across the globe choose to travel to Mexico for a variety of reasons, from its historical sites to its warm and subtropical weather. Additionally, due to the multifauceted background of Mexican culture, the nation offers a wide variety of local cuisines – products of a fusion between local and foreign dishes – set to satiate any pallate. Last but not least, Mr. Torres introduced the world-famous Mexican tradition of ‘The Day of the Dead’ – it is a product of integrating Native American beliefs with those of the European Catholic religions – which is a captivating sight to behold. Mr. Martin Torres was ecstatic at the opportunity to attend the Tzu Chi University – International College Reunion and introduce the wonders of Mexico to the College; as he left, he also sincerely welcomes all in attendance to visit Mexico.