A List of Important Documents/Items



Summit to OIA




Apply for ARC, a new cell phone number, etc.

The diploma and transcript have been officially authenticated by the Taiwan overseas office.


Provide the documents to the University Registrar

4~6 passport-size photos and electronic file


Applying for:

  1. ARC
  2. Health Exam
  3. Medical Insurance

Health Certificate for Residence Application: Only applicable to certain countries or regions


  • l Submit positive measles and rubella IgG test results or proof of vaccination after you arrive at the University. In case the documents are not available, we will help you to go to a hospital, after the first day of classes.

Resident/Visitor Visa


  • Please be sure to apply for a visa and do not enter Taiwan as a tourist.
  • The University must send a copy to the Ministry of Education.

Airline ticket


Please discuss with the OIA about a suitable date for coming to Taiwan (to meet the period specified by the Ministry of Education) before finalizing your flight arrangement.

Contact information of relative(s) or friend(s) living in Taiwan


If you have no relatives or friends in Taiwan, please provide the mobile phone number of the emergency contact person in your home country.

Open a joint bank account in your country


You might want to open a joint  account  with  your parent(s) in your country and apply for an ATM card for convenience in paying expenses in Taiwan.

Cash to buy bedding supplies and personal necessities


If you have any questions, please ask the  OIA after joining the LINE group that it established.

Cash to pay tuition & fees, school housing fees, insurance premium, SIM Card expenses, books, etc.


  • If you have any questions, please ask OIA after joining the LINE group that it established.
  • Please purchase a SIM Card at Taoyuan International Airport, so that we can stay in touch with you after you leave the airport.

Cash for living expenses before opening a bank account in Taiwan


If you have any questions, please ask OIA after joining the LINE group that it established.

Pay tuition & fees in your country


  • Please read pages 5-7 for details.
  • Note: Please use Telegraphic Transfer (T/T)