Course Selection Fall 2022

What do I need to know?

  1.  You may want to discuss coursework and credit hours requirements, and ways toenroll in courses with your academic or faculty adviser.
  2. You may access ( to search for courses you want. It is open for the entire year, and you may ask yourstudy buddy
    for help, if you need it.
  3. You may go to ( for the ways of enrollment.

Enrollment times for new, transfer or re‐enrolled students

Add/drop period:

  • Online: Starting from 7:00 a.m. on 9/5 until midnight on 9/16.
  • By form: Starting from 8:00 a.m. on 9/5 until 6:00 p.m. on 9/16.

Confirmation of your current course list:


Q: How can I access classes conducted in English?

A: For Fall 2022 classes, you may access

Q: What are the required Universitycourses and their credit hours that every student must complete? What are the graduation requirements?


Offered  by

Graduation Requirements

Course Title/ Credit Hours

Center for General Education

10 credit hours of required courses

Chinese Reading and Writing/2, Basic English/2, Education for
Life/2, Web Visual Design and Programming/2, and Tzu Chi
Humanities and Service Learning/2.

18 credit hours of elective courses

Complete 18 hours of other General Education courses

Foreign Language Education Center

2 credit hours

Take 2 credit hours of foreign language course(s).

Center for Physical Education

2 credit hours of a required course

Physical Activity & Health/2.

One credit hour of an elective course

Complete one credit hour of a PE course.

Q:  My Chinese isn’t good, so how will the University help me?


  1. For taking paid Chinese classes, you may access the University Chinese Language Center, by

  2. For taking free Chinese classes, each international freshman will take a Chinese   proficiency test and based on the test results, the University assign each student to Basic Chinese, Elementary Chinese, Intermediate Chinese or Advanced Chinese. Students who take these classes can be exempted from the Chinese Reading and Writing course.

Q: What are the graduation requirements on the number of credit hours?


  1. Undergraduate students can check their department’s website or consult with their academic advisor.

  2. Postgraduate students may discuss the professional courses with their faculty advisor.


Q: What are the websites that are helpful to my studies?



Q: What if there is a discrepancy found in my class list?

A: The course selection ends on September 16, and you need to review your current course list from September 19 to October 7. In case the course list shown on iCAN is different from what you expected, you may contact the Curriculum Group, the Office of Academic Affairs.


Q: My secondary school is five years, not six. Do I need to take extra classes to meet the graduation requirements?

A: Undergraduate students should take 12 credit hours of coursework, more than the graduation requirements set up by your department, and these courses must meet your department’s requirements.