Physical Education Requirements


Students of the Class of 2020, must complete 3 credit  hours  of  required  PE courses, listed below, and pass swimming tests before graduation.

Required courses and their credit hours

Offered by For Course Title/Credit Hours Remark
Center for Physical Education Freshmen Physical Activity & Health /2 Classes are available for the entire year
Selection of Lifelong Exercise/1 Classes are available for the entire year

Request to waive a course related to Physical Education

  1. You can only make this online request as a freshman;
  2. Access the Center for Physical Education website;
  3. Fill in “ Petition for Transfer Credits” and obtain approval from the Center director
  4. Attach a course description or syllabus for the waived course;
  5. Provide an official transcript;
  6. On or before 9/18, complete your online application. In case you disagree with the Center’s decision, you must reapply within three days after receiving the Center’s notification.
  7. Late applications will not be accepted.

Swimming tests

  1. Swim 50 meters
  2. Lifesaving Skills Test


Q1: How do I attend the swimming tests?

A1: Please check the University calendar for test dates. Once you have decided to take them, you need to ask your study buddy for help to register online to take the tests.

Q2: Can you tell me more about the tests? If I fail, can I do something else?


    • Swim 50 meters: You are free to choose the butterfly stroke, backstroke, breaststroke or freestyle. You must not touch the bottom or edge of the swimming pool, or touch the lane lines. There isn’t any time limit for you to swim 50 meters.
    • Lifesaving Skills Test: You are required to use the “jellyfish float”, and you need to inhale and then exhale five times in the water.
    • Those who fail the swimming tests can take and complete “Introduction to Swimming” or “Learning Basic Swimming Skills” courses.

Q3 : If my physical condition doesn’t allow me to do  high intensity exercise,  what can I do?

A3 : Your instructor will evaluate your condition, and then assign you to another class which suits you.

Q4: Can I apply for required PE courses offered by other universities?

A4 : Yes. You may fill in “Application for Enrolling in Course at Another Institution”, and apply for them.

Q5 : Can I waive these requirements?


  1. Provide a course description or syllabus;
  2. Make an official transcript available;
  3. From 2/22, please proceed to the Office of Academic Affairs, Main Campus to get an application form;
  4. Fill in the application form and obtain the PE Office’s approval.

Q6 : If I have any questions regarding PE courses and tests, what can I do?

A6 : You may contact the Center for Physical Education, by dialing (03) 856-5301 extension 1212, or going to the Sports Center in person.