Spring 2021

What do I need to know?

  • You may enroll in classes, either during the pre‐enrollment or add/drop period.
  • You may access (https://edurp.tcu.edu.tw/scaswebadmin/annoclaslist.aspx) to search for courses you want. It is open for the entire year, and you may ask your study buddy for help, if you need it.

Enrollment times for new, transfer or re‐enrolled students

add/drop period:

  • Online: Starting from 7:00 a.m. on 2/22 to 3/5 at midnight .
  • By form: Starting from 8:00 a.m. on 2/22 to 3/5 at 6:00 p.m.

Confirmation of your registered course:

How do I enroll in classes?

  • Before enrolling in any classes, you may want to discuss with your academic adviser or study buddy to understand course rules.
  • How do I search for courses or enroll in classes? You may access the enrollment system through (http://enroll.tcu.edu.tw/scaslogin/login.aspx).
  • If I want to know more about the enrollment process, what can I do? Youmay access (https://goo.gl/hNYh5z) for more details.
  • If I miss the enrollment deadline, what can I do?
  • If you miss the enrollment deadline, you won’t be able to enroll in any classes. If you are a new student missing pre-enrollment, you may enroll in classes during the add/drop period, from February 22 through March 5, either online or by form.


Q : What is the ceiling or minimum number of credit hours that a student can take in a semester?

A : A student must take at least 16 credit hours a semester, and no more than 25. A graduating senior or a fourth year medical student must take at least 9 credit hours or more a semester during the graduating year. Moreover, fifth year and sixth year medical students and all post‐baccalaureate students are not subject to this rule.

Q : If I plan to take courses exceeding 25 credit hours, should I enroll online or by form?

A : You need to come to the Office of Academic Affairs, to get an Add/Drop Form, and then obtain approval from your instructor, academic adviser, and department chair. Finally, go to the Office of Academic Affairs for approval.

Q : If I need to take a required course, will the system enroll me automatically?

A : Usually the system will automatically enroll you into required courses during the pre-selection period. But you are required to  enroll into the  required course  by yourself, if :

  • A course is offered by several instructors and has different class times,
  • The fall semester course which starts during the summer break,
  • You decide to extend your period of study.
  • You are a transfer student.

Q : Can I apply for inter-university classes? If yes, how can I do it?

A : It’s allowed only if TCU doesn’t offer the course you desire. If you plan to apply for inter‐university classes, you should:

  • Fill in the “Application for Enrolling in Course at Another Institution;”
  • Obtain approval from your department chair/institute director/program director/center director and the Office of Academic Affairs, and enroll in classes ofother universities;
  • The  credit  hours  of  off‐campus  classes  can’t  exceed  1/3  on‐ campus  ones. If you extend the period of study or must take this required course, you are not subject to this rule;
  • The off‐campus class (travel time is included) can’t have any schedule conflict with any  on‐campus  classes;  otherwise,  the  on‐campus  course  score  is  deemed  to be zero (0).