Taking a Chinese Proficiency Test

  • Date and Time:
    You will receive our email before the first day of classes. Please pay attention to the email.
  • Duration: About one hour
    The test will be conducted online.
  • Method: Listening and reading
  • Content:
    Mainly based on everyday language, including various real-life situations, such as short essays, advertisements, broadcasts, announcements, letters, notes, timetables, weather forecasts and other different topics
  • Test scores:
    The Chinese test scores are the basis for class placement in the Chinese language course, and have nothing to do with course scores. Based on these scores, students will be assigned to Basic Chinese, Elementary Chinese, Intermediate Chinese, and Advanced Chinese, and can be exempted from the freshman Chinese courses.
  • Notes for taking the test:
    Show your Chinese language ability with a serious and conscientious attitude. In the future, you can improve your ability in a Chinese language course that suits your ability.
    Mandarin is helpful for professional study in the department.