Digital Media and Technology Department (DMT) department was holding a students’ photos and posters exhibition.

“Having our own piece of work in this exhibition stands as a peak of patient diligence throughout our last semester,” said Hong Tingwei from Taiwan, one of the students’ organizers. Digital Media and Technology Department (DMT) held a students’ photos and posters exhibition as a final project of a course on Concept & Development taught by Profesor Huang, Jean (黃靜枝) and Professor Lin, Jershian (林哲先) ‘s course Photography & Imaging. “Photography for me is a gateway to expressing my sense of art while keeping memories alive; each photo must have meaning or even a “soul” I am grateful I took this class this semester,” mentioned Indonesian student Olivia Amanda Gustri. Professors Jean and Lin tried to encourage students to explore their creativity or to connect their own fantasy world with logical thinking, analytical skills or critical thinking via working with cameras and creating posters on specific themes such as Mothers’ Day or related to the vegan events. 

From the end of May until the middle of June, students and staff from the university had a chance in Jieren Campus at the library and right after in Main Campus in the main hall to see each student’s projects. They come from different corners of the world, namely Taiwan, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Nepal, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, Ukraine, and the Czech Republic. 

Professor Lin from the Photography and Imaging course selected 30 photos on the subject Color | Hualien | Life, although with different themes. We were able to watch for example an elderly couple sitting on a chair as a symbol of love taken by Ma Yu Qiao or black and white angels’ sculptures that seemed almost alive as if hiding stories within their gazes by Katherine Tsalai. Even though we are observing the same picture, each of us can have our own interpretation. Everyone could see different feelings, stories or perspectives firstly came from the authors themselves, but passing to the audience who thought about the meaning in our works,” said Krasidith Boondesh about the exhibition.

In the name of the Concept & Development class, students had an opportunity to share with the audience 12 posters. They were selected from about 60 posters they created based on five different themes. Ng Yen Yen, a student from Malaysia, let the audience see her impressive book cover inspired by one of her favourite paintings. On the other hand, Stambek Osmon Tegin from Turkey shared his pinky Mothers’ Day piece of work. When these posters were creating, students tried to follow the design principles and paid close attention to graphic design elements such as image, layout, typography and colours. The design process often starts from a simple idea and finishes with a well-thought-out art construction to convey a clear message to viewers. “Via this exhibition, I really can sense that we improved ourselves. I feel gratitude towards our professor who was always patient enough to share her own experiences with us and made all this happen, and became truth”, added Hong Tingwei. 

All together, holding this exhibition was a special occasion to show how students from different corners of the world can cooperate to each other and how respectfully they are able to express their perspectives, feelings and stories in front of the audience. This could happen with success thanks to professors, students themselves, and Digital Media and Technology supervises. 

Žaneta Fikarová (Gina)
:Bachelor Program in Digital Media and Technology