Tuition & Fees, Meal Costs, Accommodation Fees, and Other Expenses

Tuition & Fees per Semester, 2023 - 2024

Department/Institute Tuition NT$ Fees NT$ Total NT$


Medicine 45,024 16,951 61,975
Laboratory Medicine and Biotechnology 33,975 14,874 48,849
Public Health 33,975 14,874 48,849
Nursing 33,975 14,874 48,849
Medical Informatics 33,975 14,874 48,849
Physical Therapy 33,975 14,874 48,849
Post-Baccalaureate Chinese Medicine 45,024 16,951 61,975
Biomedical Sciences and Engineering 33,975 14,874 48,849
Molecular Biology and Human Genetics 33,975 14,874 48,849
Social Work 36,718 7,407 46,831
Oriental Languages and Literature 38,023 8,808 46,831
Foreign Languages and Literatures 38,023 8,808 46,831
Human Development and Psychology 38,023 8,808 46,831
Communications Studies 39,264 14,966 54,230
Child Development and Family Studies 38,023 8,808 46,831
Bachelor’s Program in Management of Service Industries 36,000 11,800 47,800
Bachelor’s Program in International Service Industry Management 39,264 14,966 54,230


Biomedical Science 26,461 16,276 42,737
Pharmacology and Toxicology 26,461 16,276 42,737
Graduate Institute of Clinical Pharmacy 26,461 16,276 42,737
Post-Baccalaureate School of Chinese Medicine 45,024 16,951 61,975
Medical Biotechnology 26,461 16,276 42,737
Public Health 26,461 16,276 42,737
Nursing 26,461 16,276 42,737
Department of Nursing 26,461 16,276 42,737
Medical Informatics 26,461 16,276 42,737
Physical Therapy 26,461 16,276 42,737
Biomedical Sciences and Engineering 26,461 16,276 42,737
Molecular Biology and Human Genetics 26,461 16,276 42,737
Social Work 32,263 8,961 41,224
Human Development and Psychology 32,263 8,961 41,224
Religion and Humanity 32,263 8,961 41,224
Oriental Languages and Literature 32,263 8,961 41,224
Education 32,263 8,961 41,224
Institute of Education 12,240 18,500 30,740
Communication Studies 37,302 14,218 51,520
Master’s Program in Sustainability and Disaster Management 32,263 8,961 41,224


Medical Sciences 26,473 17,309 43,782
Translational Medicine 26,473 17,309 43,782
Pharmacology and Toxicology 26,473 17,309 43,782

Pay Tuition & Fees, Housing Fees, etc.

There are several ways to pay your tuition and fees:

1.Pay in Your Country, by transferring funds to the University’s bank account:

    1. The fees associated with a fund transfer will be paid by the Please instruct your bank before making your fund transfer.
    2. Due to exchange rate differences on the fund transfer day and fund reception day, if there is an excessive amount, the University will refund it; if there is an insufficient amount, the University will ask the student to pay.
    3. Please write “Your student ID number + tuition fees” on the Remittance Information Sheet (e.g., 109512*** + tuition fees).
    4. After making the payment, please send a copy of your remittance slip to the University Cashier by email:

The following information is needed for making a fund transfer:

Bank Information Note
  • Swift Code: ICBCTWTP023
  • TEL: +886 (3) 835-0191
  • FAX: +886 (3) 836-0442
Please note there may be bank service charges or exchange rate differences.
Account Information
  • Account Name: TZU CHI UNIVERSITY
  • Account Number: 023-10-63000-5

All payments should be made in New Taiwan Dollars (NT$).

2. Pay at a Convenience Store or Bank in Taiwan, and your study buddy will assist you.

    • Pay at any convenience store:
      If the total amount is less than NT$60,000, you can pay at any nearby 7-11 or Family Mart.
    • Pay at banks listed below:
      CTBC Bank
      376 Zhongshan Road, Hualien (03) 834-0566
      Taiwan Cooperative Bank
      371 Zhongshan Road, Hualien (03) 835-0151

Housing Fees

A standard suite with air-conditioner (A/C) occupies 391 square feet, accommodates four students, and costs NT$8,200 per student per semester. The A/C charges are extra. During the summer or winter break, there is a daily charge of NT$100 for students. Additionally, there is an extra fee for the use of air conditioning.


  1. For your well-being and others, please read the University housing
  2. For personal hygiene considerations, you need to purchase daily necessities while moving into school housing (see page 18 for details).

Meal Costs

The University cafeterias serve vegetarian food only. With student discount, breakfast costs NT$15 (Main Campus), while lunch and dinner cost NT$25 (Main Campus) or NT$43 (Jieren Campus). Please remember to deposit money into your ID card ahead of time to enjoy the student discount. Also, remember to bring your own eating utensils.

Insurance Expenses


Cost (NT$)

Student Group Insurance NT$332 per semester (The actual amount on the University’s bill may be different.)






Private Accident and Health Insurance

Students who are unable to apply for National Health Insurance must pay NT$500 per month for health insurance coverage.

According to provisions of the Ministry of Education, before enrollment, new students need to buy medical and accident insurance. Note that overseas insurance certificates need to be verified by the overseas Taiwan representative office. Otherwise, the OIA will assist students to obtain health insurance for 6 months (180 days), and the insurance premium is NT$3,000.

After receiving their ARC, students staying in Taiwan continuously for 180 days can acquire a National Health Insurance policy. If you travel overseas only once, do not exceed 30 days and stay in Taiwan for a total of 180 days after subtracting the days abroad, you can also buy this policy.

National Health Insurance (staying in Taiwan for 180 days after receiving ARC) NT$826 per month and pay NT$4,956 every six months.


The University will collect insurance premiums along with the tuition. Please refer to the website for more details:

Other Expenses

Item Cost (NT$)
 Living Expenses (Includes Three Meals A Day)
  • Living expenses vary with each individual, typically ranging from NT$6,000 to NT$10,000 per month.
  • You need to buy bedding supplies and personal items on the day you move into the housing. They cost around NT$4,000.
Textbooks Prices vary, from around NT$500 to NT$1,000 per textbook. The total amount is around NT$3,000 a year.

Alien Resident Certificate Process Fee


NT$1,000 (international students) or NT$500 (overseas Chinese students)

Health Examination Fees
  • You will take a health exam at Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital.
  • NT$1,000 (The actual amount on the University’s bill may be different.)
SIM Card Before going through Immigration, purchase a Taiwan SIM card. The validity period must be one month or longer, and the cost is about NT$2,000.