College of Medicine

Our Philosophy

The purpose for establishing the Tzu Chi College of Medicine is to be accordance with our belief of “Kindness, Compassion, Joy, and Equanimity”, to nurture medical team members as well as medical research fellows to “respect life, and provide holistic care”, and blend professionalism and humanity well. Additionally, we strive to create loving and caring doctors, nurses, medical technicians, public health workers, medical informatics professionals, and medical researchers.

Our History

October 1994 Tzu Chi College of Medicine was officially opened to the general public. The school of Medicine, Laboratory Medicine and Biotechnology, and Public Health were established, and the Institute of Nursing was established.
August 1995 Institute of Medical Sciences was established.
August 1997 Department of Nursing Science was established.
August 1998 Department of Aboriginal Health, and the institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology were set up.
August 1998 School name was changed to "Tzu Chi College of Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences".
August 2000 School name was changed to "Tzu Chi University".
August 2001 Medical Sciences doctoral program was started.
August 2002 Department of Medical Informatics was established.
August 2003 Institutes of Medical Biotechnology, and Public Health were established.
August 2004 Institutes of Medical Informatics, Microbiology/Immunology & Molecular Medicine were established.
August 2005 Institute of Integrative Physiology and Clinical Science was established; In 2008, it was changed to Institute of Physiological and Anatomical Medicine.
August 2007 Medical Sciences doctoral program was established.

Our Vision

The college visualizes itself to be:

  1. The first choice for students who desire to study medicine or go for post graduate study.
  2. A Shangri-La for our faculty to do their research and to teach.
  3. A comfortable place for our staff to work.
  4. An outstanding teaching and research medical college.
  5. In collaboration with Tzu Chi Hospitals, Tzu Chi College of Technology and our College of Life Sciences to develop the “Sciences of Holistic Care.”

Our Uniqueness

We wish to achieve uniqueness in the following areas:

  1. Blend the humanities perfectly with science and technology.
  2. Balance preventive medicine with physical treatment.
  3. Encouraging health professionals to work closely with community volunteers.

Developmental Objectives

  1. Build up a core structure for medical education based on humanities and ethics education.
  2. Expand the functions of the Center for Faculty Development, so that the center can better assist teachers to improve their teaching skills. In addition, it will also offer courses with a major focus on the organic system which integrates fundamental and clinical arenas.
  3. Encourage joint efforts on research projects which involve the medical school and hospital, enhance collaboration between the clinics and fundamentals, and to provide whatever is required to encourage students to devote their entire lives to medical research.
  4. Strengthen the link between the Medical Service Club, TIMA and Tzu Chi International Medical Association so that our students can learn upstanding and ethical medical practices from those in the field, and cultivate their enthusiasm to serve others.