College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Our Philosophy

All units within the College are designed to provide both professional and intellectual training to students; they commonly share the goal of humanity practices, with special efforts devoted to diverse volunteering such as charity aid, spread of humanitarian spirit, environmental protection, and medical or health services. In research, faculty organize research teams to understand the influences of Tzu Chi Foundation’s philanthropic works in Taiwan and around the world.

Our History and Facilities

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences was established in August, 2000 with the aims of providing an interdisciplinary knowledge of social sciences to students, urging students to actualize the school’s motto “mercy, compassion, joy and giving”and offering help to most needed. Currently the College has 60 faculty members and 900 students.

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences has four departments and four graduate institutes. The four departments were established in 2000 (Social Work), 2001(Human Development and Eastern Languages), 2004 (Western Languages) and the three graduate institutes in 1998 (Social Work), 1999 (Anthropology), 2000 (Religion and Humanity). The Anthropology Institute was transformed to the Human Development Institute in 2007 which covers the fields of anthropology and psychology, with focus on applied anthropology and clinical psychology. Each of the departments and institutes support one another in developing their own specific goals. We strive to become the keystone of the College and one of the major academic and social service resources in eastern Taiwan.