Entry Visa and Alien Residence Certificate (ARC)

  • Our Letter of Admission does not guarantee you will obtain an entry visa to Taiwan. You need to apply for a “Resident Visa” or “Visitor Visa” in your own country to enter Taiwan. When you apply for your visa, remember to have all required documents ready, and leave sufficient time (at least one month) for processing.
  • For more information on visa applications, you may access the websites listed below. Students who hold Visitor Visas (also known as Tourist Visas) must apply for a Resident Visa before applying for an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC).
  • Students who hold Resident Visas must apply for an ARC within 15 days after arriving in Taiwan.

National Immigration Agency Website: https://coa.immigration.gov.tw/coa-frontend/student/entry?lang=en

Required documents for your ARC application




Online application form:https://coa.immigration.gov.tw/coa-frontend/student/entry?lang=en


Original and one copy of your passport, personal information, and Entry Visa


ONE passport bust photo in electronic format (at least 3.2cm from head to chin, with white background, taken within 3 months)


Copy of Student ID Card or Certificate of Enrollment: (Overseas Chinese students who apply for the first time must also submit the admission notice provided by the "Overseas Joint Admissions Committee.")


Application Fee: NT$1,000 (international students) or NT$500 (overseas Chinese students) for one-year period