Ingrid Y. Liu, Ph.D. President

Dear Tzu Chi University (TCU) Freshmen:

Welcome to TCU. I am Ingrid Liu, the new president of TCU. I just assumed the position of president on August 1. You must hold many expectations and a bit uncertainty about your upcoming college life. You expect a colorful college life, but meanwhile, you are not certain what is waiting for you here in Hualien. What will your new friends look like and how should you interact with your professors? TCU is a unique school, which not only emphasizes professional education, but also incorporates humanities into its curriculum and campus life.

TCU’s professors focus on teaching and enjoy interacting with their students. Service learning is implemented in the TCU curriculum for students to realize how fortunate they are, only when they learn to serve people who are in need during their college lives. The TCU campus is located in Hualien, which is peaceful and beautiful, a very nice environment for studying and learning.

During weekends, TCU students do not shop in the mall, and do not sing karaoke songs; instead, they go hiking, help clean the beaches, and study in the university library. TCU emphasizes life education and teaches students to get along with all creatures and their surroundings on the globe. For sustainable development, TCU inculcates students with knowledge of environmental development, vegetarian meals, respect for life and global protection. We encourage students to pursue lives of purity and mindfulness, so they may pursue knowledge and explore the meaning of life with uncomplicated minds. For upholding these unique and valuable educational philosophies, TCU is ranked 67th in the world, 10th in Asia, and tops the list in Taiwan, among 462 universities by Times Higher University Impact Ranking in 2019.

Congratulations! Pack your luggage with curiosity, drive to pursue knowledge, and commitment to being independent of your parents. We will be here on the TCU campus to welcome all freshmen. We are sure that you will be proud of being TCU students and TCU will be proud of you in few years!

Best regards,

Ingrid Y. Liu, Ph.D.


Vice President

Yun-Chi Ho
Ph | 886-3-856-5301 ext. 1021

Dean of Academic Affairs

Kun-Ruey Shieh
Ph | 886-3-856-5301 ext. 1101

Dean of Student Affairs

Huei-Jhen Wen
Ph | 886-3-856-5301 ext. 1200

Dean of International Affairs

Elise Anne Devido
Ph | 886-3-856-5301 ext. 1023

Dean of General Affairs

Chen- Ju Lin
Ph | 886-3-856-5301 ext. 1300

Dean of Research and Development Affairs

Chun-Chieh Tseng
Ph | 886-3-856-5301 #1400

Office of Humanities

Yi-Zhong Liu
Ph | 886-3-856-5301 ext. 1540

Office of the Secretary

Chief Secretary

Kun-Yi Ho
Ph | 886-3-856-5301 ext. 1006