Campus Features

Tzu Chi University believes the experience of education should be “great giving” educators do not ask for anything back from their students. By following this belief, the university creates an exceptional learning environment and provides quality facilities for students to develop their expertise.

Tzu Chi General Hospital

The goal of Tzu Chi General Hospital is to improve the poor state of health care in eastern Taiwan. The hospital collaborates with Tzu Chi University to strengthen academic research. Medical team members also carry out good patient-staff relations by caring for patients’ well-being and comforting them compassionately. They circulate feelings of love throughout the hospital.

Jing-Si Hall

The Jing Si Hall is not only a palace of art, but also a place for gathering the spirit of all Tzu Chi people. A witness to people’s kindness, compassion, and deep love, the Jing Si Hall provides Tzu Chi people with spiritual nourishment.


The library is a beautiful three-story building that houses 208,068 books, 17,354 audio-visual aids, 672 periodicals or journals, and 40,676 digital journals (from data last collected in March, 2008). Each floor has bright, comfortable reading areas for students to get work done. The library is linked to a network of libraries throughout Taiwan providing more resources for every student.


Tzu Chi University has various core facilities to support biomedical research; among them is the Laboratory Animal Center, established in 1998, to support animal studies. The state-of-the-art facility not only provides humane care for the animals, but also promotes the 3 Rs spirits with the help from The Dharma masters of the Abode.

Humanities Classrooms

The purpose of the humanities classroom is to encourage students to observe the nature of creation, understand kindness, and to learn the beauty of Chinese culture. Humanities classrooms are used for teaching calligraphy, tea ceremony, and flower arrangement. Through these classes, students learn how to live in harmony with nature and to gain a better understanding of sincerity, kindness, and beauty in nature.


The gymnasium houses several indoor facilities for badminton, basketball, table tennis, aerobics, and general fitness. Within the building there is also an indoor Olympic sized swimming pool. Besides indoor facilities, the university has outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, and a jogging track made of recycled tire chips.