Tzu Chi’s campus is among the most beautiful in Taiwan; it sits in the heart of Hualien, a beautiful metropolitan city, rich in cultural diversity. With a spacious campus filled with green areas, Tzu Chi University provides well-equipped teaching facilities and a comfortable, graceful living environment.
We sponsor various student associations and provide a wonderful research atmosphere.

Our History

Dharma Master Cheng Yen carries out our mission, “Extending our love beyond those we know to those who are not related to us, and feeling other people’s pain and sorrow when they are hurt or suffering.” After dedicating her life to compassion relief work, she realized sickness is the root of agony and the mother of poverty; she visualized education as a crucial to the infrastructure of a nation. Master began organizing and building a medical college. Tzu Chi University was thus established in the eastern region of Taiwan, to raise the level of healthcare and education, while inspiring students to do good deeds and help others. The university upholds the motto of “kindness, compassion, joy and unselfish giving” and strives to nurture students into those who respect for life and care for living beings. In early 2000, the affiliated primary and secondary schools were set up and a comprehensive education from kindergarten up to the Ph.D. It will be fun to see where what the future holds.

Our Founder

“There is no one I do not love, there is no one I do not trust, and there is no one I do not forgive.” Dharma Master Cheng Yen harbors a persistent soul of beauty and good. In 1966, Master established Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation which practices the philosophy of relieving suffering, giving happiness, helping the poor, and educating the rich. For several decades, Tzu Chi Foundation has been growing. Today, Tzu Chi volunteers around the world reach out to the disaster areas, and relieve the suffering and agony of people in need. All the members carry out tasks with compassion and wisdom. They stand firmly to the grand will– that is to purify people’s heart and mind, bring peace and harmony to the society, and make the world free from disasters.

TCU Goals

Our goal is to prepare professionals who are committed to lifelong learning, analytical and critical thinking, and working with others; moreover, prepare those who embrace the spirit of Tzu Chi Humanities and are willing to tend to those in need.

Master Cheng Yen said,” Education is the work of purifying each person’s heart, the hope and a stabilizer of our society.” Thus, Tzu Chi University emphasizes the following:

  1. Daily Life Education: To be mindful in dining, dressing, walking, and living and to acknowledge the humanity in every person.
  2. Virtue Education: Respect teachers, hold acceptable behavior, and be a faithful and responsible person.
  3. Humanities Education: Develop a spirit of contentment, gratitude, understanding, and accommodation.
  4. Appreciation for Education: Nurture students to carry out regular responsibilities and devote themselves to help others.

Introduction to Tzu Chi University