Tzu Chi University, Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology and University of Indonesia Sign a Memorandum of Understanding

Tzu Chi University, Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology and University of Indonesia would like to enhance their collaborations, and so on August 19, 2020, President Ingrid Y. Liu of Tzu Chi University, President Wen-Jui Lo of Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology, and President Ari Kuncoro of the University of Indonesia, held an online signing ceremony on behalf of their respective universities.

The ceremony, which took place in four locations, namely Tzu Chi University, Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology, the University of Indonesia, and Tzu Chi Indonesia Office was witnessed by DAAI TV Indonesia CEO Tjhin Hong Lin. The 3 university presidents, along with Mr. Lin, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), looking forward to having more collaborations and making joint efforts to enhance the wellness of humanity.

Due to COVID-19, faculty members and students in Taiwan cannot go overseas, yet Tzu Chi University and Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology continue to seek opportunities for working with other universities overseas. President Ingrid Y. Liu indicated that the passing rate for taking the national licensure examination by our medical students was 100% this year, compared to the national average of 89.67%. She envisions that Tzu Chi University’s faculty members and students of the Departments of Medicine, Nursing, Laboratory Medicine and Biotechnology will work with the University of Indonesia, on student exchange programs, providing short-term courses, and offering dual degree programs.

Moreover, Tzu Chi University has successfully developed a COVID-19 IgM/IgG antibody detection kit, in cooperation with Taipei Tzu Chi General Hospital and Academia Sinica. The detection kit has been approved and received import permission from the Indonesian Ministry of Health; 30,000 kits will arrive in Indonesia very soon. Thus, our two universities can carry out joint research efforts in the future.

Many physicians and students from the University of Indonesia came to Tzu Chi University to study and were impressed by Tzu Chi University’s medical education. The University of Indonesia wishes to send more students to Tzu Chi University to study anatomy and nursing.

Tzu Chi University and the University of Indonesia signed an MOU for the first time on October 24, 2004. Both universities have held numerous cultural exchanges, provided short-term courses, and offered simulation-based learning in surgery, etc. However, this is the first time Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology has signed an MOU with the University of Indonesia. The 3 universities wish to assist their faculty members, staffs, and students to know more about each other’s culture.

Founded in 1950, the University of Indonesia is one of the most prestigious universities in Indonesia. They have 13 colleges including medicine, law, public health, mathematics and public construction, economics, psychology, etc. The University of Indonesia has been preparing its students to be outstanding professionals serving government and society.

In recent years, Tzu Chi University has actively carried out exchange programs with many universities in Southeast Asian countries. In addition to working with Indonesia, Tzu Chi University also collaborates with universities in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, India, and Vietnam. Tzu Chi University wishes to participate in joint research efforts, through international collaborations, in order to enhance its capabilities in teaching and research.