To Promote Academic Exchanges, Tzu Chi University Sponsors the 25th Conference on Bacteriology

On August 19 and August 20, 2021, Tzu Chi University Sponsored the 25th Conference on Bacteriology. The conference originated from researchers conducting the project of bacillus subtitles funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The project was initiated by Professor S.T. Liu, Professor Jiunn-Jong Wu, Professor Ban-Yang Chang, and Professor Kin-Fu Chak. Due to the need to update progress reports regularly, these researchers invited faculty members, students, and assistant researchers to exchange their ideas and discuss the details with each other, and later on, they organized the first conference.

This year’s conference had five programs: Microbiology; Microbial Ecology; Clinical Microbiology; Plant Microbiology; and Presentations by Newcomers. The online conference was hosted by the International College’s Professor Guang-Huey Lin, the College of Medicine’s Assistant Professor Chun-Yao Chen, Associate Professor Han-Chen Ho, Professor Kai-Chi Chang, and Professor Po-Chi Soo.

In her opening remarks, Tzu Chi University President Ingrid Liu thanked all the scholars and experts for sharing their endeavors in microbiology. She also expressed her gratitude to more than one hundred scholars from universities and research institutions in Taiwan who attended this conference, which was conducted online because of the epidemic. President Liu invited all participants to visit Hualien and Tzu Chi University.

Academia Sinica President James C. Liao delivered a keynote speech on the topic of “Synthetic Metabolism: From Evolution to Design, and Back to Evolution,” to share the research findings of his team. President Liao also encouraged researchers to step out of their laboratories, to work with engineers, computer scientists, or professionals of other fields, to expand their horizons in biological research.

A total of eighteen scholars were invited to share their long-term research endeavors in four programs. The program of Presentations by the Newcomers was made available for newly appointed assistant professors or postdoctoral researchers to present their undertakings, and the organizers wished to enhance these newcomers’ exposure. As a result, the newcomers had fruitful interactions with senior researchers and increased the possibilities of future research collaborations. Moreover, in order to encourage domestic Ph.D., master’s, and high school students to engage in microbiology-related research, a poster contest was made available for students to provide their works associated with Plant and Environmental Microbiology, Applied Microbiology and Other, or Clinical Microbiology. Videos introducing their works were placed online for participants to vote on, and eight people were awarded. The organizers wished that more young people would engage in microbiological research.

The 25th Conference on Bacteriology provided experts and scholars opportunities to publish their research results, exchanges ideas, and enhance their research endeavors. Moreover, the conference offered a brainstorming opportunity for experts in various fields to interact with each other and helped participants to look into possibilities of collaborating in research or sharing research resources. Furthermore, the conference enabled students in high schools, colleges, master’s programs, Ph.D. programs, or postdoc programs to exchange their ideas with senior researchers.

Many thanks to Professor Cheng-Yen Kao of National Yang-Ming Chiao Tung University, who will chair the 2022 conference, as well as Vice President Chishih Chu and National Chiayi University’s Associate Professor Shao-Hung Wang of for hosting the conference in 2022. We look forward to seeing each other in 2022.

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