A Physical Therapy Alumnus is Number One in Passing the 2022 National Licensure Examination

How did Ming-Yong Wu play the roles of student, father, and employee so well and manage his time on a busy day? How did he reach number one in passing the 2022 National Licensure Examination for Physical Therapists? Ming-Yong says “I focused on learning in my classes, made the best use of my time, and did not waste it. As long as we do our job and take one step at a time, we will do well.”

 On September 12, 2022, the government released results of the 2022 National Licensure Examination for Physical Therapists. Twenty-two students graduating from the University’s Department of Physical Therapy in June 2022 passed the examination, with a passing rate of 59.46%, much higher than the national average of 28.54%. Ming-Yong Wu was at the top of the list. Ming-Yong received Academic Achievement Awards from his freshman to junior years. Moreover, the University gave him an Award for Academic Excellence upon graduation.

Ming-Yong joined the Department of Geography at National Taiwan University at 18 and decided to study physical therapy at Tzu Chi University at age 32. After completing his undergraduate studies at National Taiwan University, he passed a national exam and served as a civil servant for a while. His daughter Mimi was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy shortly after birth, thus having weakness of the muscles and limitation of mobility. She was often in and out of the hospital for a period, due to lung infections. Ming-Yong received an emergency phone call three times from the hospital that his daughter was in critical condition.

Whenever a physician discussed his child’s condition with him, he often did not understand, so he decided to attend college again, hoping to help her by acquiring the related knowledge. While studying at Tzu Chi University, he decided to study full-time and work part-time to support his family. He needed to take care of an eight-year-old child, devote himself to his studies, and fulfill work requirements. Although he had a busy daily schedule, Ming-Yong successfully completed his studies in four years. He attained first place in passing the National Licensure Examination, which faculty members couldn’t help but admire. “He is really amazing!”

Ming-Yong thanked Tzu Chi University for providing students with a good learning environment and giving him a lot of assistance. The University provided him with grants for his academic achievement, scholarships for underprivileged students, and employment opportunities related to work-study and research projects. In addition to devoting himself to his studies and taking care of his family, he participated in volunteer services, such as caring for the elderly in communities and accompanying school children living in rural areas. Even while living a busy life, Ming-Yong did daily exercises, since it is essential for a physical therapist or a student to maintain physical and mental well-being. 

Ming-Yong openly shared his experience of preparing for the National Licensure Examination. The most important things are concentrating in class, reviewing after class, and organizing what we have learned. When taking internship training, he applied what he had learned in the classroom to serve his patients by interacting with them and attending to their needs. This firsthand experience touched him deeply.

He added that when approaching the exam date, we must review thoroughly what we have learned. In fact, we don’t need to take review courses to achieve a good result. Ming-Yong felt grateful to the clinical faculty members for their guidance, while he was taking his internship training at Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital. A significant factor for him to have a good test result was the endeavors of clinical faculty members. 

The chair of the Department of Physical Therapy, Chien-Hui Huang, said that the department selects small class sizes and emphasizes practice-based learning. Attentiveness and dedication are the common characteristics of our faculty members, who evaluate students based on their classroom participation and practice-based learning. Students need to take one-year internship training, which enables them to apply what they have learned in a clinical environment, enhancing their skills and knowledge.

As for their career choices, students can take the National Licensure Examination for Physical Therapists. During all these years, the passing rates of our students have been double the national passing rates, which signifies our students’ capabilities.

Tsung-Ying Chen, Dean of the College of Medicine, said he felt very proud of the student’s performance. Tzu Chi University’s medical education emphasizes both professionalism and humanism. Over the past 28 years, the college has cultivated many healthcare professionals willing to serve people living in rural areas. In addition to enhancing their skills and knowledge, students need to uphold gratitude, respect, and love to attend to the needs of others.