A Letter from President Ingrid Y. Liu

August 2, 2022

Dear Tzu Chi University Freshmen:

Welcome to Tzu Chi University (TCU). I’m Ingrid Y Liu, your University President. Your current mood must be full of expectations and a little anxiety. You look forward to a colorful college life, but you are not sure what kind of environment and new friends are waiting in the future for you. Will your studies be heavy? Are the professors super strict? Tzu Chi University is a unique university that not only focuses on professional training, but also integrates humanities.

The humanistic spirit is integrated into the curriculum and campus life. Our professors are very focused on teaching and are happy to get along with students. TCU provides many opportunities for service and learning at home and abroad, because only young people who can see hardships and know blessings of university life will be willing to contribute to society through their professions, after completing their studies.

Serve the public.

Tzu Chi University is located in Hualien City, a beautiful and peaceful environment suitable for learning. At the beginning of 2020, the new coronavirus epidemic hit the world and caused great panic. TCU is one of the few pure campuses in the world that can still teach normally.

Besides that, professors at Tzu Chi University have led university students to develop new coronavirus antibody detection reagents to assist 5 countries with severe epidemics, with a total of 175,000 kits. Self-love, self-interest, and application of what you have learned are the education and expectations of Tzu University for students. At Tzu Chi University, the senior sisters’ weekend activities are not shopping and singing KTV, but hiking and walking.

Tzu Chi University emphasizes life education and hopes students will understand that human beings and all things must live in harmony in the world to survive. Therefore, the University promotes environmental protection, a vegetarian diet, health care, love for the earth, and encourages students to pursue clean lives. Keep the simplest and purest mind, focus on seeking knowledge and explore the meaning of life. For adhering to these unique educational concepts, Tzu Chi University was awarded 67th in the world, 10th in Asia, and 1st in Taiwan in the UK Times Higher Education University Impact Rankings in April 2019.

In 2021, it will be recognized by 32 universities among 1,115 universities in the world in the SDG3 (Promoting Health and Human Well-being). Pack your bags, include your curiosity, desire for knowledge, and with your parents' peace of mind, set out on the way to your university, and we will greet you on the campus of Tzu Chi University. This is a university that every freshman will be proud of. In a few years, we will also be proud of you.

Peace and Best wishes,

Ingrid Y. Liu, Ph.D.