A Letter from President Ingrid Y. Liu

August 2, 2023

Dear Tzu Chi University Freshmen,

Welcome to Tzu Chi University. You are about to spend your college lives on a beautiful campus imbued with the spirit of humanistic culture.

In the “Artificial Intelligence Era,” it is essential for you to comprehend how to apply emerging technologies in a rational and meaningful way, integrating them with your professional skills and academic knowledge. This understanding is a crucial component of your learning journey at university. At Tzu Chi University, we offer a variety of advanced and innovative courses tailored to meet this demand. Our curriculum includes engaging courses such as Intelligent Healthcare in the College of Medicine and the application of Emerging Technologies in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the International College, and the School of Education and Communication. Moreover, our curriculum underscores the ethical considerations and privacy protection issues inherent in the era of artificial intelligence, ensuring our students are well- equipped to navigate these complex issues. We invite you to explore these learning opportunities.

In addition, we have integrated numerous “project-based learning” and “service learning” activities into the curricula. These are designed to guide students towards an “awakening from learning,” providing a more comprehensive educational experience. As they approach their junior and senior years, and graduation is in sight, each department arranges internships that span Tzu Chi Foundation's four Missions―Charity, Medicine, Education, and Humanistic Culture. These internships also extend to business institutions founded by Tzu Chi volunteers. The objective is to ensure all Tzu Chi University graduates are prepared to apply their acquired knowledge, using their expertise to make meaningful contributions to society.

As you navigate your university years, take time to discover the exquisite beauty of Hualien. Venture out with your professors and peers to explore the grandeur of the vast Pacific Ocean, the awe-inspiring Central Mountain Range, and the ecological richness of Taroko National Park. Such experiences can help cultivate a worldly perspective. Additionally, endeavor to grasp Tzu Chi's four missions, while actively engaging in international exchange activities. These pursuits can broaden your horizons, equipping you to become a global citizen in a diverse and inclusive society.

I wish each of you an enriching and exhilarating journey through university life at Tzu Chi University.

With my best wishes,

Ingrid Y. Liu, Ph.D.