English Language Requirements


Every student of the Class of 2020 is required to take at least 2 credit hours of another language course.

Required advanced English courses and their credit hours

Foreign Language Courses (Must Complete Two Credit Hours and May Not Waive Any Course).
(Advanced English Courses)
Learning Medical English through TV series

  • Readings in English News
  • Workplace English
  • English for Receiving Guests
  • Intermediate Oral Communication
  • English Reading Skills
  • English Public Speaking
  • Selected Readings in Western Literature
  • Biography and English
  • Learning English Through Animated Movies
  • English for the Food Industry
  • North American popular culture and English
  • E n g l i sh for In t er c u l t ur a l Communication
  • American Movies and Multiculture
(Foreign Language I Courses Other Than English)

  • Beginner Thai-Language
  • Basic Vietnamese
  • Life Korean
  • Japanese (Ⅰ) (Ⅱ)
  • Korean (Ⅱ)
  • German (Ⅱ)
  • Spanish (Ⅱ)
(Preparation Courses for the Foreign Language Proficiency Test)

  • TOEIC - Basic Level
  • TOEIC - Basic Level


Q : Does the University require all graduating seniors to pass the GEPT test?

A: Not anymore. To enhance students’ proficiency in foreign languages, the University offers numerous language courses, and requires everyone to take needed courses, before their graduation.

Q : I want to know more about the University’s foreign language courses, foreign language proficiency tests, and foreign language learning resources. Which office should I contact?

A : You may dial (03) 857-2677, extension 3031, or go to Room 2D107 of Jieren Campus in person.