President’s Honor Roll

Who is eligible?

Any undergraduate students meeting the criteria are eligible, except:

  • Sixth year medical students,
  • Fifth year Traditional Chinese Medicine students,
  • Students taking a leave of absence, withdrawing from a degree program, or being expelled,
  • Exchange students.

What are the selection criteria?

  • Scores, both academic and conduct, must be 80 or over, in a total of 9 or more semester hours. Moreover, the student must not have received any University penalties.
  • In terms of academic scores, eligible students must be among the top 3 in their class. If the top third and top fourth students have the same scores, the award will also be given to the fourth student.
  • The University bases official academic records provided by the Office of Academic Affairs, for selecting eligible students. Students enrolling in the Teacher Education Program and extending their period of study are not eligible.

The University selects students, based on their performance in the previous semester, and awards them right after the “President’s Honor Roll” list is approved. Students don’t need to apply for it.