Things You Need to Know To Cope With COVID-19

Following prevention measures of the Central Epidemic Command Center (hereinafter referred to as CECC), the University lists the following reminders for international students who will attend the University in Spring 2023:

  1. You must notify the OIA three days before arriving in Taiwan, so our staff can upload your information to the Ministry of Education's OSAS System.
  2. You must inform the OIA before your flight takes off and after arriving in Taiwan, so that we can report to the Ministry of Education and confirm where you will undergo seven days of self-initiated prevention.
  3. After arriving at Taoyuan International Airport or another airport, OIA staff will guide you through the entry procedures and come to the University. Our staff will communicate with you, and you can keep in touch with him/her. Our team is more than willing to assist, if you have any needs.
  4. From October 13, 2022, international students can skip filling in epidemic prevention- related tracking information or staying at a quarantine hotel. They only need to undergo self-initiated prevention for seven days.
  5. Transportation from the airport to the self-initiated prevention location:
    • If you do not have any COVID-19-related symptoms after arriving at the airport, you may take public transportation or transportation arranged by your friends, to go to the self-initiated prevention location.
    • If you have symptoms after arriving at the airport:
      • You must disclose relevant information at the Ministry of Education's counter or the Central Epidemic Command Center at the airport.
      • Follow the instructions and arrangements of airport staff to take a PCR test.
      • Go, with an OIA staff's guidance, to take a designated car to the self-initiated prevention location.
    • Note:Traveling from Taoyuan International Airport to Hualien city by car, rather than public transportation, costs about NT$7,000, and you must pay for it on your own.

       6. The self-initiated prevention location is listed below:

  • If you do not have any COVID-19-related symptoms, you may live in a rental house, a friend's residence, or a hotel. You must be the only person who lives in the room, and your room must have a private bathroom. University housing is also suitable. During the seven days, if you have any symptoms, while living in university housing, you must move into a University quarantine unit.
  • If you have any symptoms, you may stay in a rental house, a friend's residence, or a hotel. Moreover, you must be the only person who lives in the room, and your room has a private bathroom.

  • During the seven days, if you feel unwell, or the quick test has confirmed that you are infected, please inform the University's staff immediately.


7. The University's Health Clinic will pay attention to your physical and mental conditions and provide timely medical assistance when you have any COVID-19-related symptoms or urgent medical needs. During the seven days, if you do not have any symptoms and the quick test result is negative, within the past two days, you may go out or go to the school.


  • From landing at the airport to moving into school housing, students need NT$20,000 to cover public transportation charges, meal expenses, housing supplies, and quarantine-related expenses (if they decide to stay other than University housing to undertake self-initiated prevention measures.) The NT$20,000 does not include tuition and fees, semester housing fees, etc. The OIA will update expense information from time to time.
  • If you have any physical discomforts during the journey to your self-initiated prevention location, such as fever, cough, diarrhea, abnormal smell or taste, etc., please notify a flight attendant, airport epidemic staff, or University staff.
  • Useful email address, website and information:

    Contact OIA by email or use the OIA’s LINE or WhatsAppfor: 

    • International student-related matters about documentation to enter Taiwan

    • Epidemic prevention measures

    • Transportation arrangements after arriving in Taiwan

    • Preparing for the self-initiated prevention location

    • Information on taking the freshmen’s physical examination

    • Taiwan Centers for Disease Control

    • Access for Bureau of Consular Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs