Things You Need to Know To Cope With COVID-19

Things You Need to Know To Cope With COVID-19

The OIA will update the following information from time to time and attend to each student’s needs before they come to Taiwan.

I. Before coming to Taiwan

After receiving our notification, please provide OIA with the following information:

  1. Flight information
  2. Arrival date
  3. Quarantine hotel
  4. The scanned file of your visa
  5. Other information
    • We need to submit your information to the Ministry of education. After receiving approval, we will send you the University’s letter and Overseas Student Entry Permit Certificate by email.

    • In case any irresistible event occurs, such as a typhoon, flight cancellation, merged flights, etc., and you have to change your flight schedule and arrival date, please notify the OIA immediately and state the reason(s). We will facilitate the reissuance of an Overseas Student Entry Permit Certificate.

    • Provide proof of a negative result from taking a COVID-19 PCR test within two days before your scheduled flight to Taiwan. However, certain countries may require taking a test within six hours before boarding; please pay attention to your country’s regulations.

II. Before boarding:

  1. Present the following documents to the airline staff:
    1. Overseas Student Entry Permit
    2. Passport (valid for at least 6 months).
    3. Entry & Exit Permit, Taiwan, Republic of China (for students from China, Hong Kong, or Macau), or Visa/Alien Resident Certificate (for students from elsewhere).
    4. Proof of a negative result from taking a COVID-19 PCR test .
  2. After completing the check-in procedures and before boarding, you may fill in the “Quarantine System for Entry” online, by following instructions provided by the OIA.
    1. Access for “Quarantine System for Entry ”
      • If you have a Taiwan SIM card, please complete the “Quarantine System for Entry”online, before boarding.
      • If you don’t have a Taiwan SIM card, you must go to a mobile phone store, after arriving in Taiwan and before going through Immigration, to purchase a Taiwan SIM card (valid for at least one month), and then complete the “Quarantine System for Entry” online.

III. After arriving in Taiwan

1. Mobile Phone

  1. After arriving in Taiwan, please replace your SIM card with a Taiwan SIM card.
  2. After completing the “Quarantine System for Entry” online, you will receive a text message about your health status; please have your health-related document(s) If you do not receive any text message, please ask the staff at the quarantine counter for help.

2. Go through Quarantine and Immigration

  1. The Quarantine officer will make sure that you don’t have any COVID-19 symptoms, if you have any, the Quarantine officer will arrange to send you to a hospital for further
  2. The Immigration officer will ask for your Overseas Student Entry Permit Certificate and ensure that you are on the Ministry of Education’s approval
  3. The OIA staff will keep in constant contact with Meanwhile, staff associated with the Ministry of Education will guide you to go to the Baggage Claim area, and receive a PCR test.

3. Go to the baggage claim and arrival hall

  1. After completing them, the airport staff will assist you to take a quarantine taxi to your quarantine hotel in Hualien.
  2. The trip from Taoyuan International Airport to a quarantine hotel in Hualien will take about 2.5
  3. On the way to the hotel, you are disallowed any stops or getting out of the If you feel any discomfort, please inform the driver immediately and call the OIA staff.

Ⅳ. Undergoing the required hotel quarantine and self-health management

  1. Hotel quarantine:

    • After arriving at the quarantine hotel, the staff will guide you to check in and take the necessary measures.

    • During the quarantine period, report your health status to the school daily and keep your mobile phone turned on at all times.

    • Follow the epidemic prevention staff’s instructions to undergo quarantine and self-health management.

    • Never leave the hotel room during the quarantine period. Those who violate this will be fined NT$100,000 to NT$1,000,000. Moreover, police will search for them immediately, and the University will initiate administrative actions.

  2. Self-health management:

    • After the end of the quarantine period, you will continue to undergo self-health management in the quarantine hotel.

    • During this period, you should still wear a mask, take your body temperature, and report your health status to school every day.

    • If you need to go out, you must take a COVID-19 quick test and obtain a negative result, before asking the hotel staff for consent and making arrangements.


      • From landing at the airport to moving into school housing, students need NT$40,000 to 45,000 to cover quarantine related expenses. The OIA will update expense information from time to time.

      • If you have any physical discomforts, during the journey to your quarantine  location, such as fever, cough, diarrhea, abnormal smell or taste, etc., please notify a flight attendant, airport epidemic staff, University staff, or hotel epidemic staff right away.

● Useful email address, website and information:

  1. Contact OIA by email or use the OIA’s LINE or WhatsApp  for: 
    • International student-related matters about documentation to enter Taiwan
    • Epidemic prevention measures
    • Information on taking transportation
    • Information about staying in a quarantine hotel to undergo the required quarantine and self-health management
    • Information on taking the freshmen’s physical examination
  2. Taiwan Centers for Disease Control
  3. Access for Bureau of Consular Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Open a Joint Bank Account

You can’t open a bank account in Taiwan right away, so for convenience in paying tuition, fees, and other personal expenses in Taiwan, you might want to open a joint account with your parent(s) in your country, and apply for an ATM card to withdraw cash in Taiwan.

Taking a Chinese Proficiency Test

  1. Date and Time:  You will receive our email before the first day of classes. Please pay attention to the email.
  2. Duration: About one hour 
    The test will be conducted online.
  3. Method: Listening and reading
  4. Content: Mainly based on everyday language, including various real-life situations, such as short essays, advertisements, broadcasts, announcements, letters, notes, timetables, weather forecasts and other different topics.
  5. Test scores: The Chinese test scores are the basis for class placement in the Chinese language course, and have nothing to do with course scores. Based on these scores, students will be assigned to Basic Chinese, Elementary Chinese, Intermediate Chinese, and Advanced Chinese, and can be exempted from the freshman Chinese courses.
  6. Notes for taking the test: Show your Chinese language ability with a serious and conscientious attitude. In the future, you can improve your ability in a Chinese language course that suits your ability. Mandarin is helpful for professional study in the department.