Things You Need to Know To Cope With COVID-19

  • Before coming to Taiwan

    • After receiving our notification, please follow the instructions to fill in the information listed below:
      1. Flight information
      2. Arrival date
      3. Other information.
        We need to submit your information to the Ministry of education. After receiving approval from the Ministry of Education, we will send you the University’s letter and Overseas Student Entry Permit Certificate by email.
    • Provide proof of a negative result from taking a COVID-19 nucleic acid test within three working days before the scheduled flight to Taiwan

  • Before boarding, ensure that you have completed the “Quarantine System for Entry” online and present the documents listed below.

    1. Present the following documents to the airline staff:
      • The University’s letter (with University seal)
      • Overseas Student Entry Permit Certificate
      • Passport (valid for at least 6 months)
      • Exit & Entry Permit, Taiwan, Republic of China (for students from China, Hong Kong, or Macau), or Visa or Alien Resident Certificate (for students from elsewhere).
    2. Fill in “Quarantine System for Entry” online, before boarding.
      • Access for “Quarantine System for Entry”.
      • Provide the information accurately and completely. Please note that you must provide your cellular phone number, which can receive text, otherwise you won’t be able to receive important text messages, after arriving Taiwan.

  • After arriving in Taiwan

  1. After arriving in Taiwan, please turn on your cellular phone, and you will receive a text message about your health status. If you don’t receive any text messages, please ask the staff at the quarantine counter for help. Please follow their instructions and present the University letter and Overseas Student Entry Permit Certificate.
    ※ Ensure that your cellular phone’s international roaming is working, so that you can receive important text messages from the Ministry of Health and Welfare. By the way, you might want to have some NT dollars (TW) on hand, and you can change your money to NT dollars, before or after the immigration.
  2. Go through Quarantine and Immigration:
    The quarantine officer will make sure that you don’t have any COVID-19 symptoms, and the immigration officer will ask for your Overseas Student Entry Permit Certificate and confirm you are on the Ministry of Education’s approval list.
    ※ Please make sure once more that the flight information you provide us is accurate and you will travel, as planned, and wear a mask throughout the journey. If your flight has been changed due to irresistible factors, such as a typhoon, flight cancellation, a merging of flights, etc., you should state the reason, and let us know immediately, so we can facilitate the re-issuance of your entry permit.
  3. Upon completing the above procedures, inform the University staff that you have gone through Quarantine and Immigration. If you have fever or respiratory symptoms, the quarantine officer will arrange to send you to a hospital for further diagnosis.
  4. After picking up your luggage, please go to the arrival hall immediately, and try not to do anything else. Follow the signs to arrive at the Foreign Students Check-in Counter located in the arrival hall.
    Those who fail to go to the check-in counter or follow the University staff’s instructions to undergo a 14-day home quarantine, will be  fined  from NT$100,000 to NT$1 million, and police will receive notification right away to find you. Moreover, you will be subject to the University’s disciplinary action.
  5. If many people are waiting at the Overseas Student Check-in Counter,  please  keep a social distance (1.5 meters). Give the staff your Chinese or English name, passport number, fl ight number, t he address of the epidemic hotel/University housing where you are going to undergo home quarantine.
  6. After completing the previous steps, take one epidemic prevention card from the counter. University staff will pick you up there and arrange a vehicle for you to go to an epidemic hotel or University housing. You are not allowed to exit the vehicle until you arrive at the destination. If you have any physical discomfort, keep us posted right away.
  7. Undergo a 14-day quarantine
    1.  At the quarantine hotel:
      • The hotel’s epidemic staff will assist you. You will need to follow their instructions to undergo a 14-day quarantine there.
      • If you arrived on February 1, for example, your first day would be February 2; therefore, the quarantine period would end at midnight of February 15.
      • You are required to follow the hotel epidemic staff’s instructions. You also need to take your temperature daily and live every day in a healthy way.
      • Do not go out. Those who go out without permission will be fined from

        * To pay lodging and meal fees (three meals a day), please have NT$22,500 to NT$49,500 ready, before checking into the hotel.

      • If you have any physical discomforts, during your journey to your quarantine location, such as fever, cough, diarrhea, abnormal smell or taste, etc., please notify a flight attendant, airport epidemic staff, University staff, or a hotel epidemic staff right away.

  1. Useful email address, website and information:

  • Contact the Office of International Affairs (OIA) by email: for:
    • International student-related matters
    • Epidemic prevention measures
    • Information on taking transportation
    • Information about staying in a quarantine hotel to undergo a 14-day quarantine
      • Information on taking freshmen‘s physical examination.
  • Access for Bureau of Consular Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affair