Work Permit

International students in regular academic programs who wish to work either on campus or off campus are required by law to apply for and obtain a Work Permit before starting a part-time job.

International students may be qualified to apply for Work Permits after their registrationiscomplete.

If you are qualified and wish to find a part-time job, the OIA will assist you to apply for a Work Permit. Please note that, as stipulated in the “Regulations on the Permission and Control of Employment of Foreigners” of the Ministry of Labor, anyone working without a permit may be fined from NT$30,000 to NT$150,000. To ensure that you comply with the law, contact the OIA before applying for a job.

Article 50 of the Employment Service Act states that weekly working hours of foreign students enrolled in a college/university should not exceed 20 hours, except during summer/winter breaks.